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Website Services

We offer everything to do with website services and more. Take advantage of the "Website Solutions Package" which includes all the tools and services you need.

Website Solutions Package includes

  • los-angeles-computer-servicesWebsite Design or Website Redesign

  • Host and Domain

  • Website Extras

  • Website Maintenance

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Website Publication

  • Sitemap generator

  • Search Engine Submission

  • Email setup

  • Unlimited Email support

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Website Services

Website Design
   + Design websites from scratch according to the need of the client.

Website Advantages
Internet: Expand your business to the online market and attract new potential clients from search engines all over the world.
Tax Deductible: Report website cost's as business expense.
Supply and Demand: Know what the consumer wants with advanced statistics. Know the ratio for quantity demanded with
Look Professional: Print your website and personalized email address on your business card.
Save Time: Post information commonly requested such as Frequently Asked Questions and Answers, and Restaurant menu, hours, location, and map search.
Increase Revenue: Sell anything and everything through the website.
Fast News Reports: Display new info on the site.
Business Traffic: Have search engines refer new clients to the website by use of Search Engine Optimization.
Website Solutions Package
1 Website Design or Website Redesign
  - Template for WebPages.
2 Host and Domain
 - Internet storage space and link address.
3 Website Extras
 - Additional features installed.
4 Website Maintenance
 - Program to keep website contents up to date.
5 Search Engine Optimization
 - Add special code to improve search engine recognition.
6 Website Publication
 - Upload website to host.
7 Sitemap Generator
 - List of files with details of the site and it's web pages.
8 Search Engine Submission
 - Submission of sitemaps and domain name to search engines.
9 Email setup
 - Set up your computer to send and receive emails.
10 Unlimited Email Support
 - Fast email response to our clients.

Website Redesign
   + New design to an existing website.

Website Development
   + Add new features, services, and information to website.
 Java Script, Dhtml, and other action commands.

Website Maintenance
   + Update website information and content.

Website Publication
   + Upload website project to hosting server.

Website Extras
   + Various items to enhance visitors experience through out the site from advanced statistics information.

   + Advanced animation.
   + Custom audio player.
   + Custom video player.
   + Multiple effects with audio, video, and more.
   + Simple animation.

Advanced Website Statistics
   + Useful information of website visitors.

Search Engine Submission
   + Submit website address to search engines.

Search Engine Optimization
   + Provide search engine important information and keywords.

Host and Domain
   + Appropriate link address and web space for website publication

Website Portfolio
   + History of website services.

Website Projects
   + Projects under construction.

Website FAQ
   + Frequently asked questions and answers

Website Advantages
   + Reasons to have a website.

Email Setup
   + Send and receive electronic mail.

Website News
Redesign website. v2. New theme including more colors, more background images, more efficient drop down menu, and the Haichal Moshe logo on every page. Theme designed to compliment the color structure of the Haichal Moshe logo. To summarize, the site looks much more alive then we ever thought possible. New sub domains created: gallery.haichalmoshe.com and phpbb.haichalmoshe.com
Current Status: Complete; Maintenance.
New site theme to match DJ Business Card and GUI. Multiple page sections including pictures with description. Big, clear, and easy to read contact info. Menu starter with mouse hover and/or right click. Business Card Download. Links Exchange Program. Search Engine Optimized and submission.
Current Status: Complete; Maintenance.
ReDesign website with a Fully customized theme. Flash Audio player, Video player, and Games. Photo galleries with object oriented picture description. Full width advanced menu bar with custom graphics and effects. Subscription form. Hosting. SEO.
Current Status: Complete; Maintenance.
Customized theme from start to finish. Big text, Tons of pictures. Links with Hover effect. Huge photo galleries galore. Thumbnails and Big Picture navigation linked together. Right click feature disabled. Identity Logo Creation.
Current Status: Complete.
Re Design site with Advanced template. Registered new Domain name. Lifelike 3D introduction picture DJ like navigation through out the site. Preview Audio and Video Dance Choreography. Right click feature disabled.
Current Status: Complete; Maintenance.

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