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Website Publication

los-angeles-computer-servicesInternal Website Projects
   + Project designed by us.

External projects
   + Website from another source (You).

Host and Domain
   + Appropriate link address and web space for website publication.

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Internal Website Projects

As part of the website project design, publication is a standard feature and is performed automatically.

External Projects

So you have a website project in your hands and don't know how to upload it to your website. Below is a list of steps for website project publishing.

We recommend having us publish the site for you.

  1. Find a suitable host.

  2. Replace all global links with common links.

  3. Find and correct link errors on local computer.

  4. Connect to host.

  5. Upload project to host.

  6. Find and correct errors in website when viewing through the host.

Host and Domain

A website is published (uploaded) to a server called the website host.

If you don't already have a host and domain, please visit the Host and Domain page for more information.

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