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Bus: (818) 692-4357
Tarzana, CA 91356

History of the company

los-angeles-computer-services.com made its first appearance in 2006.  Services offered by WebShahar.com focusing on the Los Angeles area. The name los-angeles-computer-services is derived form where we are and what we do. In the Los Angeles area, we perform Computer Services.


Theme of the site

First thing's first: always have a contact form and phone number on every web page found in the main directory. Next, separate each table with a white border to be able to tell where one block of information stops and another begins. Add an advanced drop-down menu with cool colors with direct access to any page in the main directory. Insert at least three anchors for each page; One for each topic. Add auto-scroll function for easy navigation in long pages. Set each page to fit beautifully in any screen size. Add colors with an accent to attract the eye. Last but not least and most important one of all, keep all information up to date at all times.



  • Keep the client happy at all times.
  • "No hidden charges!"
  • Treat all team member, superiors, and especially clients with respect at all times.
  • Inform client of all fees before doing any work.
  • Once a deadline for a project has been set, it must be meet.


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