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Various items to enhance visitors experience through out the site

Website Extras

los-angeles-computer-servicesIntroduction to website Extras
   + Enhance the website with tools.

Power Tools
   + List of website add-ons.

Power Applications
   + Advanced features with website control.

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Introduction to Website Extras

Article in writing progress.

Power Tools

# Tool Description
1 Flash Video Player An online video player with a customized skin.
2 Flash Audio Player An online audio player with a customized skin.
3 Photo Galleries Multiple online photo galleries.
3rd party powered or fully customized
4 Flash Games Display new information and status of products on the site.
See Example
5 Dropdown Menu Dhtml Drop Down menu with mouse hover or click.
Anywhere on the site or Right click
6 Script Cause different actions to be performed.

Sub Domain

Same domain name but with an altered text for the "www" leading to a different location. http://sub_domain.main_domain.com
8 Advanced Statistics More info available at our Advanced Website Statistics page.
9 Forum Bulletin board
10 Graphics Texture, background, etc.
Find out more at our Computer Graphic Services
11 Scrollbar Colors Change the color of the scrollbars.
12 Status bar Change / Set the text displayed on the status bar (bottom of screen)
13 Right Click Disabled

Show your logo when right mouse button is pressed.

14 Page Anchors Add anchors and names to items
Example: top of page bottom of page
15 Form Contact forms with Conformation page

Power Applications


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