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Reasons to have a website

Website Advantages

Every business needs a website. That's a fact. With a website, you can target potential clients halfway across the planet.

los-angeles-computer-servicesIncrease Revenue
   + The many ways having a website can increase revenue (bring in).

Save time and money
   +  The many ways a website can reduce costs (keep in).

Website Solutions
   + Methods of dealing with common website problems.

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Increase Revenue

Big businesses and corporations are increasing revenue by

# Advantage Description
1 Look Professional All the big companies have it.
2 Internet Marketing

Expand your business to the online market and attract new potential clients from search engines all over the world.

3 Supply and Demand

Advanced Statistics reports what people look for on the site.

4 Increase Revenue

Sell anything and everything through the website.

5 Business Traffic

Together, Search Engine Optimization  and Submission will bring in more traffic by providing search engines such as Google and Yahoo website content data.

Save time and money

People tend to visit a company's website for solutions to common problems. You can save time and money by supplying customer solutions on the website.  Here is a list of commonly used items on a company's website.

# Advantage Description
1 Advertising Advertise new products on the site.
2 Tax Deductible Report cost of website as a business expense.
3 Online FAQ Reduce technical support with frequently asked questions and answers.
4 Fast News Reports Display new information and status of products on the site.

Website Solutions

# Problem / Solution Description
1 Limited Advertisement Advertising on the website can only be viewed by who ever visits the site.
Search Engine Submission
and Links Exchange
Submit your site to multiple search engines and trade links with other websites.
Remember: It's more convenient to visit a store online then to drive there.
2 Content Out Dated The website content will soon enough provide inaccurate/false information
Website Maintenance Get on the Website Maintenance program to have your site up-to-date at all times.
3 Useless Flash Audio and video are of no use to search engines


True. However, it increases incoming traffic
4 Referrals It may take up to six months before a site is recognized by a specific Search Engine
SEO and sitemaps Optimizing a website to provide accurate and more dominating information along with providing a list of generated sitemaps will help.
Remember: links referring to your site will reduce the time it takes for specific search engines to recognize your site.

Please visit the Website Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

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