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We strongly recommend to a certified micro computer expert help you along the way. Here are three steps most micro computer experts follow in customizing a personal computer.

los-angeles-computer-servicesCareful Thought
   + List computer parts needed to build the PC.

Purchase (article in writing progress)
   +  Get  the list of parts.

Assemble (article in writing progress)
   + Put the pieces together.

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Careful Thought


List of Parts: List of computer hardware components are found at the "Expert Hardware Installation" web page
Motherboard: Remember the limits of computer builder is determined by the Mother Board
Computer Case: Remember the limited use of the built in component in the computer case. With the exception of a few devices, if components from the case cannot connect to the motherboard, they are of no use
RAM Speed: Random Access Memory have different prices because of their speed
RAM Match: If the RAM does not fit inside the motherboard, the computer will not be able to transfer data; nor use hardware components such as the display card
CPU: The Central Processing Unit is the heart of the computer. Fast CPU, fast computer.
CPU Match: If the CPU does not fit inside the motherboard
USB: Universal Serial Bus devices are simple to plug in the computer and be able to use it with out additional setup
Not USB: Too many USB devices may slow down the computer dramatically
  1. Computer Use: Determine what the computer will be used for.

  2. List: List all the components needed for computer use.

    1. Required: Basic computer components necessary for it to simply turn on.
      Please read the Advices to the left.

      1. Computer Case - Outer shell of computer.

      2. Mother Board - Internal board for all devices to connect to.

      3. CPU - Central Processing Unit.

      4. RAM - Random Access Memory.

    2. Everyday Use: Software to be used most frequently.

      1. Operating System: Widows XP (Home, Professional, Media Center.)

      2. Office Suite (Document, Spread Sheet, Data Base.)

      3. LAN - Local Access Network for Internet Browsing.

        1. Anti-Virus.

        2. Anti-Spyware.

      4. Printer - Print your documents.

      5. Sound Card - Audio from computer

      6. Hard Drive - storage on computer.

      7. CD Drive - Read and play CD's.

      8. Modem for FAX (Facsimile.)

    3. Special Tasks: .

      1. System Protection.

      2. CD Burner - Copy files to a CD.

      3. DVD Drive - Watch DVD's on the computer.

    4. Comfort: Additional and expensive components to go far beyond what a computer is meant to do. High Class

      1. Room for computer and all of its accessories.

      2. Dedicated Desk for computer.

      3. DVD Burner.

      4. USB Flash Drive.

      5. High Screen Resolution Wide Screen Monitor.

      6. All-In-One Printer, Scanner, Fax, Copier.

      7. High RAM Display Card.

      8. Studio Quality Sound Card.

      9. Neon Lights - Looking cool.

      10. Wireless Keyboard.

      11. Wireless Advanced Mouse - Extra features with more buttons.

      12. Joystick & Game pad for games.

      13. Microphone.

      14. Computer Video Camera.

      15. Speakers.

      16. VGA Card with TV Output to Wide Screen TV.

      17. Additional Hard Drives for documents, music, videos, etc.

    5. Location: Setup the place where the computer will be setup before purchase



  1. Determine a budget for computer parts from the List of Parts created in step 1.

  2. Browse the internet to get a feel for the prices out there.

  3. Purchase the computer parts necessary to build computer



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