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Build a fully customized personal computer according to your needs

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Hire a Certified Micro Computer Specialist to install computer hardware with out damaging other hardware already installed

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Computer Case: Outer shell of computer.

Mother Board: Big board everything connects to.

CPU: Central Processing Unit - Small and Very Expensive Chip with Fan.

RAM: Random Access Memory - Small strip of chips.

Hard Drive: File Storage for Operating System, Software, documents, music, video, etc.

CD Drive: Compact Disk - Read and Burn CD'. Necessary to load the operating system

Monitor: Screen - TV of computer.

VGA: Video Graphics Accelerated card - Connect to Monitor.

Sound Card: Audio output.

Keyboard: Standard 101 key input to buffer.

Mouse: Standard pointing device controller.


Speakers: Audio Output - connect to soundcard.

Microphone: Audio Input - connect to sound card.

Joystick: Gamepad with a stick in the middle - connect with USB or soundcard.

Printer: Hardcopy output.

LAN Ethernet: Local Access Network - connect to High-Speed Internet Provider and other computers.

DVD Drive: Digital Versatile Disk / Digital Video Disk - Read and Burn DVD's.


Game pad: Media entertainment controller - Used for games.

MB Fans / Hard Drive Fans: Internal fan to keep hard drive cool.

Neon Lights: Cool lights.

PCI Fan: Internal fan to keep PCI card cool.

Modem: Connect to phone line - Send and receive FAX, connect to other computers

Scanner: Capture contents to digital format.

Camera: Portable scanner - Digital media transfer.

Floppy Disk Drive: 3  disk drive.

External Drives: Other types of storage such as Flash Drive

Temperature Reader: Status and Alarm for computers overheat.

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